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User Polls 
MotorMouth User Polls are changed on a weekly basis and are designed to record your attitudes and opinions on a range of motoring issues. If you have a suggestion for an upcoming user poll please send us an email to

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How do you wash your vehicle?

Period: 28-Oct-2015 - 27-Nov-2015
For everyones safety, it is important to regularly check that your brake lights are working properly. How often do you check yours?

Period: 19-Sep-2015 - 23-Oct-2015
How do you regularly commute to work?

Period: 15-Aug-2015 - 18-Sep-2015
In the past week, how much have you spent in the service station shop on non fuel items?

Period: 11-Jul-2015 - 14-Aug-2015
How old is your car?

Period: 06-Jun-2015 - 10-Jul-2015
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