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News Room

Welcome to the MotorMouth newsroom for members of the media.

All media enquiries may be directed to: 

MotorMouth Marketing Manager
Phone: 07 3858 0016

Please be aware that by registering as a MotorMouth member - and the registration only takes about one minute - you can access the High, Low and Average ULP prices for Adelaide, Brisbane,Melbourne, Sydney and Perth seven days per week.

Simply login to MotorMouth, go to the My MotorMouth button on the left side toolbar and click on My Charts.

Recent news:


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Some other information for the media:

  • Prices displayed on MotorMouth are a mixture of prices collected by us and prices submitted by service station owners and operators through myPriceboard. In reporting prices for individual service stations you should independently verify that the price displayed is actually available for sale at the site listed. MotorMouth can not be held responsible for prices which are incorrectly entered by service station operators.
  • MotorMouth provides a free service and we would ask that you credit us with any information you source from MotorMouth. The credit should be
  • We focus on finding the cheapest sites for motorists and we are happy to identify the exact location of these sites to the media. However we do not identify the brand or address of the dearest sites as the prices may have changed since we collected them. We are happy to advise what the highest price that we found in any market.
  • We do not make comments on crude oil prices or why prices are at a particular level- that is best left to other commentators in the industry. However we welcome the opportunity to talk about what prices are available to motorists and how we can help motorists save money at the bowser.

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