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Consumption Calculator
The MotorMouth Fuel Consumption Calculator is a handy service for calculating your fuel usage with the added benefit of providing multiple units of measurement for ease of understanding.

To calculate your car's consumption just enter the kilometers driven and litres of fuel used over that distance. Your figures will then automatically appear in the fields below.

Alternatively, by entering a value into any of the four blue boxes that value will be converted into the other units of measurement.

If for instance you'd like to find out how many Miles Per Gallon (MPG) your car returns and you know the Litres per 100Km figure (L/100Km), type this into the L/100Km section and the conversions will be displayed instantly.

Kilometres driven:
Litres of Fuel used over distance travelled:
Consumption in Litres per 100 Kilometres:
Consumption in Kilometres per Litre:
Consumption in Miles Per Gallon (Imperial):
MPG (Imp)
Consumption in Miles Per Gallon (U.S.):
MPG (U.S.)

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