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MotorMouth Cost Calculator

MotorMouth can save you time and money! It's as simple as keeping an eye on petrol prices so you know when and where to buy your fuel and we've done all the hard work for you.

Use the MotorMouth Cost Calculator to see how much you could be saving each year. MotorMouth has made it easy for you to achieve these savings with our range of services including free fuel price searching and free daily email alerts. With MotorMouth watching fuel prices for you,you'll never be beaten by the cost of fuel again.

Click here to start searching for the best fuel prices in your area or to register for free and become a member of MotorMouth.

Step 01 - Select your city and fuel type

Select Your City:     Select Your Fuel Type:  

Step 02 - Fuel Consumption

Kilometres Driven Per
Tank of Fuel (Km):
Litres of Fuel Used Over
Distance Travelled (Lt):
Your Average Fuel Consumption is:

Step 03 - Cost Comparison

Lowest Price
Highest Price
Fuel Cost/Litre (Cents/Litre):
Fuel Cost/Litre (Cents/Litre):
Average Kilometres
Driven Per Day (Km):
Average Kilometres Driven Per Day (Km):

Step 04 - Savings

Lowest Price
Highest Price
Cost Per Month ($):
Cost Per Month ($):
Cost Per Year ($):
Cost Per Year ($):
Based on today's high and low prices you could be saving ($): per year

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