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Fuel Saving Tips
Buying fuel at the cheapest possible price isn’t the only way to save on your fuel bill. Read through some of the fuel saving tips submitted by fellow MotorMouth members and save even more on your bill! Or you can submit your fuel saving tip now.

When filling up your car, keep the hose in the tank until after the pump shuts off. As much as a half cup of petrol is in the hose after the pump stops and you've already paid for this petrol!

Bill, Queensland

When you get in your car, settle in the kids, adjust the mirrors, fasten your seatbelt, ensure that all passengers are belted in and check all other details before you turn on the engine. If these little preparations take two minutes, then four trips per day, five days per week, add up to 34 hours a year when your car engine is idling and doing nothing!

Alan, Victoria

Wherever possible, always try to use public transport to get to and from work. If this isn't possible, car pool with other people who live in the same area as you.

Leanne, South Australia

Register with MotorMouth and look out for the cheapest fuel close to your area. Once it reaches a cheap price drive down there and fill up your tank with as much as you can possibly afford. Every cent counts!

Veronica, Victoria

When sitting at a set of traffic lights or in traffic for an extended length of time, put your car into neutral or park. This can save a significant amount of fuel.

Gary, Victoria

Organise your shopping trips by making lists of all the places you need to go. If you need to trade with a variety of businesses organise your trip so you attend to every trader in each location with one stop. Plan your trip in a logical geographical sequence so you won't be doubling back on yourself. This will give you a better fuel efficiency because you won't be stopping and starting your engine repeatedly and unnecessarily.

Maxine, Queensland

Always try to accelerate gradually and steadily rather than putting the foot down hard, taking it off quickly and then having to brake to stop from running into the car in front. This not only saves fuel but also makes your brakes last longer!

Barbara, Western Australia

Don't wait until the fuel tank is empty before you buy petrol. If you do, you will find yourself at the mercy of service station pricing policies. Fill up more often so you can buy at the best price.

Jenny, New South Wales

Did you know that if you travel at 80km per hour instead of 100km per hour, you will reduce your fuel consumption by 50%? I'm not saying we should all travel around at 80km per hour, but if you reduce your speed by even a small amount the rewards are substantial.

Steve, Victoria

My suggested fuel saving tip concerns tyre pressures. Using the pressures recommended by the car manufacturer gives the car optimal results between handling, tyre wear and softness of ride. By increasing these pressures by only 2-4 psi, not only increases fuel economy, but also increases tyre life and handling response, while only slightly decreasing softness of the ride.

Robert, Queensland

I don't carry unnecessary loads around in the car. Carrying around heavy materials that you're not using just wastes fuel. Keep the vehicle as lightly loaded as possible.

John, Queensland

If you live within walking distance of your local shopping venue, walk there and back, and arrange to have your weekly groceries delivered by the store. Believe me, it not only saves you money, it saves your tired old back!

Lynette, Queensland

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