Discover the new MotorMouth app and put more money in your pocket!

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MotorMouth has been making some pretty huge changes to our app recently. It’s now even easier to find the cheapest petrol around the country and access FREE pricing data on both iPhone and Android devices!

The introduction of the dot-e-maps interface makes it easy to compare the price of fuel at one servo with the others, highlighting the cheaper and more expensive service stations right across the region. Tapping on any coloured dot will now open the site details and reveal the price! This feature along with Dashboards for your current and favourite locations ensure the prices you really want to know are only a tap or two away.

Some of our reloaded features include:

A personalised experience

Location-based data gives you relevant pricing for the stations near you.

Market trends and forecasts

Set your favourite fuel sites and view current prices and forecasts for these locations.

A fresh coat of paint

We've smartened up the look and feel for a simpler, cleaner interface.

High-powered speed

Vroom vroom! It's now even faster to load the prices you need.

A heads up for your mates

Seen cheap fuel near your friend's place? Send them a heads up without leaving the app.

Collect prices and get rewarded!

Record the price of fuel next time you fill up and earn reward credits.