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Our “dot-e-map” on the website and app has been specially designed to highlight, at a glance, the location of the cheaper prices in a Region. Servos with prices in the cheapest price band for the Region are coloured dark green, mid-range prices are coloured yellow and the most expensive prices are coloured red.

The Price Bands will change depending on the Region that you are looking at as you pan across the map AND as prices are updated throughout the day… so make sure you check the price range values in the legend.

If you find it difficult to view the different colours of the price bands, you can now switch the legend and dots to greyscale mode. All dots will be displayed in a different shade of grey whereby the darkest colour is the cheapest price and the highest price is the lighter colour. To switch between colour and greyscale, click on the icon next to the “Price bands based on X prices” in the legend.

When a site specific fuel price is displayed on the MotorMouth app or selected fuel pricing apps, it is counted as 1 Price Reveal.

At the start of every week, each registered member is allocated 30 ‘Price Reveals’. Each time you click on a dot on the map or click REVEAL to show a price, one point is deducted from your ‘Price Reveal’ allocation.

At no time will you be asked for money. If you run out of points during the week, you can top up your quota once by entering an SMS code.

As you move around the MotorMouth map you will see the price bands change as you move from Region to Region. These Regions were implemented to give the price at each service station relevance to the prices within its wider surrounds. While great care was used in setting up these regions to keep them in line with logical and well known boundaries we are always open to improvement. We would love to hear your view via email or on #MotorMouthRebuilt

We show all the prices we have received on our smartphone app. The website however is restricted to only show prices in areas where all prices are known. This stops any unfair advantage being given to those servos that choose to fly under the radar and not provide/share their prices with the community.

At MotorMouth, we are proud to have built a community of trusted sources who supply us with timely, accurate prices. Our data is sourced:

  • From our users, who can collect prices at their local fuel station to help the wider community
  • Electronically, from participating major fuel retailers
  • Directly from service station site operators, who can input their prices using our online service myPriceboard
  • From public sources such as WA FuelWatch and NSW FuelCheck - these prices are available to the public

In short, within minutes of receiving them.

Prices that are received from participating major fuel retailers can be updated as frequently as every 15 minutes.

Prices that are submitted by service stations directly through myPriceboard, are updated as soon as they are entered.

Prices that are submitted by our users are verified by our internal systems at MotorMouth to ensure accuracy is protected and our data is as reliable as possible for users. These are updated as soon as they have been validated.

The prices displayed by MotorMouth are accurate at the time of collection and to the best of our knowledge. Prices submitted by service station operators via myPriceboard are checked for irregularities; however, we rely on service station operators to take full responsibility in entering prices to ensure their accuracy. An operator wouldn’t want to put up a wrong price on their price board and we don’t expect they would do anything different on MotorMouth.

If you find an incorrect price, please update the price in the app (and earn reward points). If you can’t enter the correct price for some reason, please contact us via email to let us know.

Yikes! Factors including crude oil prices, exchange rates, supply & demand, and price competition all have an impact on what you pay at the bowser. Unlike certain other industries, these factors can change on an hourly basis. This constant state of flux leads to the variation in fuel prices. At MotorMouth we monitor and report on what is happening in the market – we will leave others to try and explain in detail why things happen.

MotorMouth was formed in July 2000 in response to Australian motorists’ demand for information on the fluctuating prices of petrol. Our core purpose is to help drivers find the best deal on fuel and put more money in their pockets. We firmly believe that information around fuel prices should be easily accessible by consumers. For more information on our mission, please check out About Us.

Nope! MotorMouth is totally independent from all oil companies and petrol stations. Our core objective is to provide you with data so you can make an informed decision on when and where to buy petrol. For more information, please refer to our Guarantee of Independence.

Yep. At no time will you be asked for money. All registered users can save favourite locations, service stations, and view price charts and forecasts - for free.

Over the years many people have told us that they wanted to be more involved and help us ‘fill the gaps’, so we created The MotorMouth App Credit Program. Here’s how you can earn reward credits on the MotorMouth App.

  • Simply record the price of fuel next time you're within 1000m of a station and you'll earn reward credits for helping the community.
  • From time to time MotorMouth will issue Bonus Credits. These will be issued through various advertising campaigns and our social media platforms… so, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and keep your eyes peeled.

For more information click on The MotorMouth App Credit Program.

In 2015, we enjoyed some long conversations with you, the MotorMouth community. With the vast majority of our users telling us they preferred to access data on their mobile phones, we promised to meet this demand by delivering a service that would be right for users whether they were at home or on the go. By scaling back our website functionality we can spend more time on making the app truly valuable for our community.

With the latest introduction of our specially designed “dot-e-map” you’ll be able to easily determine the servos with cheaper prices across the region. Improvements have also been made to the City Average chart and we included the buying climate forecast to the website. So while site level pricing has moved to the app making an informed decision on when and where to buy fuel is still only a click or two away. As an added bonus, the app is now FREE, with users who help out the community by entering local fuel prices in the app being rewarded with credits.

We've listened to feedback from all over Australia and want to continue this conversation to help make our new app even better. If you have questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you via email or on #MotorMouthRebuilt