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Help your fellow motorists and earn reward credits.

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The MotorMouth Credit Program has been developed to encourage MotorMouth App users to help in the battle for finding the cheapest fuel. Every time you collect or confirm a price at a service station, you earn MotorMouth credits that you can spend towards competitions or campaigns.

Download the app

MotorMouth is available free for iPhone and Android. Get the app today and start finding the cheapest fuel near you!

Input prices to earn credits

Every time you provide an accurate fuel price you’ll earn reward credits!

Help the community save money

Keep your fellow motorists in the loop on where to find the cheapest petrol. If everyone contributes, there will never be gaps in MotorMouth's pricing data!


We tried to keep it simple, so let’s get started.

Accumulating credits is as easy as collecting a price whenever you are nearby a service station.

  • Once you are within 1000 metres of a service station, clicking on a dot on the Map or site in the Dashboard will take you to the Station Details screen and allow you to “Update” the prices at this site. For every price you collect (i.e. Unleaded) you can earn 5 credits. If you take a photo to help us validate the price, you can earn an additional 5 credits.
  • If you collected the 3 fuels that were displayed on the price board, and took 1 photo, you could earn 20 credits.
  • Your credit balance will be updated once we have processed and validated your price and/or photo.

So, if you are passing the same site every day on your way to work, not only are you helping your fellow motorist by letting them know the current price, you are putting credits in the bank… Traffic jams can be fun for your passengers!


We are currently developing a number of exciting initiatives that will bring “real world” value to your credits.

As you can imagine, we have been working really hard on bringing you the latest release, and these features will be coming to you via updates soon, so make sure you don’t miss out – start accumulating those credits NOW!!


If you were to pass the same station every day on your way to or from work, and let’s say every day you entered the 3 prices on the board and took 1 photo. You bank 20 credits per day, or in a 28 day period, with 20 working days, that’s 400 credits!!

You’d be helping the community by adding to our ever-growing database of petrol prices and collecting credits at the same time.