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MotorMouth Pty Ltd is committed to helping Australian motorists get a better deal on fuel by providing them with easily accessible information.

Our aim is to alleviate motorists’ frustrations with fuel price variations by providing a twice-daily ‘snapshot’ of fuel prices as well as educating the consumer and empowering them to make an informed choice before “filling up”.

A privately held organisation, MotorMouth Pty Ltd was formed in July 2000 in response to the demand by Australian motorists for information on the fluctuating prices of unleaded petrol. It was initially set up to cover the major routes within a 15-kilometre radius of the Brisbane CBD.

Due to the overwhelming response from the motoring public, MotorMouth has expanded its monitoring service to include Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Today, MotorMouth currently reports prices for approximately 1200 service stations on a daily basis across these areas to provide motorists with the cheapest fuel prices in their local area.

MotorMouth is part of the Informed Sources group of companies and maintains its independence from all oil companies and petrol stations, with its core objective being to provide information to consumers so they can make an informed decision on petrol purchasing.

MotorMouth is committed to providing accurate and reliable data. Our on-line research, created to establish consumer views and attitudes on petrol pricing, showed that 87% of MotorMouth’s consumers have changed their petrol purchasing habits as a consequence of using MotorMouth.

How is the information gathered?

MotorMouth sources fuel pricing data using the following methods:

  • electronically, twice a day from Major Fuel Retailers
  • manually, collected by our drivers
  • for Perth, data is sourced from WA FuelWatch
  • direct from service station site operators, who can input their prices using our online service

The prices we receive electronically from the major fuel retailers are posted twice a day to provide a snapshot of the market.

Manually collected data is sourced by Informed Sources, with a team of people employed by the company to drive around assigned regions, recording the prices of petrol displayed on the price-boards that are out the front of service stations. Price collections take place once a day, seven days a week and are not necessarily the same sites every day.

The collected prices are then sent automatically into the MotorMouth database where the information is collated and processed.

The Perth data is sourced from the W.A. Government Department of Consumer and Employment Protection. The Department also displays fuel pricing on their website for Perth metro and selected country areas. Click here to visit the Department's website.

The myPriceboard service was launched on 9 November 2008 and will play an increasing role in expanding the prices displayed by MotorMouth as well as extending into non metropolitan areas. With myPriceboard, any service station in Australia can post their fuel prices directly onto MotorMouth. We use strict criteria to ensure operators enter accurate fuel prices.

The data captured by MotorMouth, including the cheapest fuel locations and average fuel prices, is communicated via the MotorMouth website and is accessible for free by all registered users. Registered MotorMouth users also have the option of upgrading their service to receive fuel price alerts via email.

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A consumer awareness initiative of the Informed Sources Group