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MotorMouth “Guarantee of Independence” 

MotorMouth is a privately owned company, totally independent from all oil companies and petrol stations.

Our greatest asset is our independence and the trust we have with you, the consumer.

Our core objective is to provide unbiased information to Australian motorists so that you can make an informed decision with regards to petrol purchasing. We do not seek to affect fuel prices but rather to provide a snapshot of prices so that you can make meaningful comparisons.

We are committed to ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our data. For fuel price information that is gathered by dedicated MotorMouth employees, we use the latest technology to provide up to date information on price movements.

We do not have any interest or ownership in any oil companies or petrol stations.

We do not endorse any oil company or petrol station over another.

We do not manipulate our data to favour one oil company or petrol station over another.

We do not provide details of our email subscription list to other organisations.

We do accept advertising on the site, but have no direct interest with any advertisers.

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